All you know about sexy stockings

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You all know it. Men and women know that sexy stockings are hot and make you get hot. Yes, it is about sex but there is a much more subtle motive in wearing the right stockings. Stockings create a mood and hint around about what may happen because sexy clothes always have.

Ever since the Chinese and people in Indian began to farm silk from worms sexy stockings have made women feel alluring and dazzling and have made men long for a view at the top of the stockings. A hint of stocking in the Victorian Age could get a woman put in the pillory and branded as a hussy.

Today stockings have come out of the closet so to speak. You can wear demure and comfortable stockings that you have no intention of using to entice the opposite sex and still cause a near panic in the office if you stretch up to reach the top shelf in the supplies pantry.

One of the great things about stockings is that you do not have to have perfect legs to get the man you want extremely interested. The stockings do the work for you. You do need a dress that shows off the stockings to their best advantage and yours.

Sexy women in stockings, sexy black stockings, sexy body stockings, and sexy legs in stockings just turn men on. You can call it stocking sexy. Men are said to think about sex about seven times a minute. The right pair of stockings may raise that rate to 20 times per minute.

Women may try and kid themselves that wearing stockings is a comfort or a fashion thing but they really know it is about looking sexy and feeling desirable. A sleek pair of sexy stockings can really make you feel like the most alluring woman on the planet.

Some men and women are still a bit shy about buying sexy stockings even though television and fashion have made these items of lingerie main stream. Look on line if you are a bit timid about getting the most daring and revealing stockings for yourself or as a gift for the lady in your life. Sexy women in stockings, sexy black stockings, sexy body stockings, and having sexy legs in stockings is available to everyone.

There is no lack of variety in style, color, length, or fabric for sexy stockings. You can go as kinky as rubber if you like or you can do a bang up job with old fashioned silk and be stocking sexy. Black, white, and red are the most popular colors but any color that matches any outfit or no outfit at all can be had.

Feel is an important part of stockings to the wearer and the toucher. Silk is really the masterpiece of stocking materials. Varieties of synthetics give you the same feel and touch of silk.

You do not have to have a garter belt anymore. A garter belt does add a bit of sensuality for some folks so wear one if that is what turns you and your lover on. Stocking tops are now designed to keep the stocking in place all over the leg without cutting off the circulation in your leg.

Most women and men enjoy sexy stockings as a part of their romantic interludes. The stockings just make you feel sexy. That is what they were made for to start with.

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