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Leather lingerie. Different, with a strong emotion of adventure. What kind of adventure?, Well, that is entirely up to whomever partakes in the journey of discovering leather lingerie. Plus size leather lingerie, black leather lingerie, leather and lace lingerie, these are more examples of sexy clothes that are a part of the lingerie leather family.

Who would think of using this soft and lithesome material to make alluring clothing? Someone with a creative bent towards experimenting with lingerie leather as sexy clothing. This kind of clothing begs to be touched, to caress against ones skin, whether one is the wearer or the receiver. This is the kind of clothing that invites all of the senses to get involved. Leather has its own smell, deep and earthy with a beckoning odor that makes one want to inhale more, to get closer to enjoy the aroma that only true leather creates. Remember that smell?

Close the eyes. Relax. Imagine. Real leather. Inhale. Exhale. Yes, Real leather. Leather has its own sound, a sound that makes one want to listen to how it works and adjusts itself to the heat of one’s body and movement. Leather has its own taste, slightly salty and oh-so-individual. Leather has its own look, sometimes masculine and sometimes soft and feminine.

Leather lingerie can surprisingly be both masculine and feminine at the same time, a trait only leather seems to be able to pull off. Faux leather can be a close second to real lingerie leather, but that is a personal preference. Most do not want cheap lingerie when investing in this creation of guilty pleasure. While all of these areas are impressive real lingerie leather owns the market on how it feels. Nothing can imitate the real feel of leather. Read more »


plus size panties

Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and sexy regardless of her size. The people that may have body shamed you in the past have now become the objects of ridicule like they always deserved to be. Be the size you are and be happy with it.

You must get your mind right about this. As long as you are comfortable with yourself the rest of the world has no say in how you feel or think about yourself. If the man in your life loves you and likes how you look you are better off than a lot of other women.

You do not have to settle for granny bloomers any more. The fashion industry has awakened to the fact that there are more women in the world that are not rail thin models than there are skinny women. The companies that make lingerie are just looking to make money by providing plus size bras and panties to a bigger market. No pun intended ladies.

You can feel as sexy as the hottest super model in plus size panties, plus size lace panties, plus size thong panties, sheer panties, and plus size bras . We are talking screaming hot and sexy. Silk undies that barely cover anything and panties that have openings in all of the right places not only make you feel hot but get the man in your life more than ready.

Plus size panties can put a spark back into your love life or create a flame that you never really experienced before. We are talking figure flattering plus size lace panties, plus size thong panties, sheer panties, and plus size bras that enhance your curves and show them off better than you ever knew was possible. Read more »