What to look for when buying a garter belt

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Today, an aura of sexiness often goes along with the thought of buying and wearing a garter belt. The purpose for which you are looking to obtain this kind of garment determines the type you will buy. For instance, a simple, four strap model, thin garter with a thin belt, and a single or no adjusters may do if you only want to wear the garter belt in the bedroom alone. Besides, it is going to be worn only for a moment (just a few minutes).

However, if you think you will need to have garter belt sets for anything that involves a remote physical action while wearing stockings such as walking, dancing etc, or you have every reason to believe that you will be in your stockings for more than an hour, or you need a garter belt to wear stockings on a daily basis, then it is not advisable to buy garter belt sets with 4 straps.

Plus Size Garter Belt
Plus Size Garter Belt

The Plus Size Tips

If you are a bit large, you will need a plus size garter belt with at least six adjustable garter straps. This belt should have a minimum of three hooks behind with eye adjusters. However for the sake of security, some people prefer to go for a plus size garter belt with eight garter straps while a few would prefer ten. Anything above these numbers is becoming fetish which has nothing to do with this particular article.

The importance of the width of the belt and the number of the straps cannot be overemphasized especially for events like weddings because, in most cases, the stockings always want to fall. Whether you think so or not, they are always trying to fall. With the availability of more straps, more anchoring points will be provided on the garter belt wedding to keep them up while preventing the stockings from bunching, wrinkling and twisting. The wide garter belt wedding helps to provide counter tension against gravity. The garter straps find some firm support from the wide garter by hanging on to it.

Planning Ahead

When planning to buy a wedding garter belt, it is also very important to consider its level of adjustability. Also, it is good to consider good fit because the job of supporting the garter straps that anchor the hose can be affected by the largeness and smallness of the wedding garter belts.

Plus size corsets that are too large might go down your hips as the day goes by while medium or small corsets can cause discomfort by pinching your belly after extended wear. These considerations should not be underestimated when looking to buy a Plus Size Corsets.

Which Material to Choose

When it comes to wearing lingerie, the leather lingerie is most convenient and comfortable. However, several materials such as cotton, lace, satin, faux fur, Powernet, nylon, vinyl etc., are employed in the making of lingerie. Depending on its purpose of usage, always go for fitting leather lingerie.

Black Garter Belt
Black Garter Belt

Although color does not really matter for garter belts, however, black garter belts seemed to be the most common due to the comfort they bring. A black garter belt is not only easy to maintain but comfortable to wear as it tends to produce warmth. If it is only meant for the bedroom, then the cotton 8-strap contraption is okay.

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